Your Strength Is Our Mission.

Performance based powerlifting & strength coaching, to take your strength to the next level. With guidance, coaching, programing, technical analysis and around the clock contact & support 1RM has all the tools you need to succeed in your pursuit of strength.

Long Term Progression

We leverage analytics & data to optimize long term programs, ensuring that you are always making progress.


At 1RM you are more than just your powerlifting total, we care about our athletes and our relationships with them. We are always available for questions or concerns.

Diversity & Experience

Our team's diversity of lifting & life experience, provides for holistic growth opportunities through coaching innovation and empowerment.

Leadership & Mentorship

We embrace our years of competitive background into the coach-athlete relationship, ensuring that competition performance is optimized .

1RM Services

At Team 1RM we offer a vareity of online and in person packages for powerlifters, athletes & those with general fitness goals. If you are looking for In Person coaching get in touch: Contact Form

Powerlifting Coaching

We offer a targeted programming approach using a variety of periodization techniques and a data driven programming approach that can make data driven decisions for you. Our coaches offer daily, weekly and monthly checkins, video conferencing and meet day handling. So you can be certain you are accessing the best service possible.

Sports Strength Coaching

Every athlete should strength train, we offer targeted programs and training models for athletes from any discipline, whether you are a golfer, runner or football player we can help you access the next level of competition.

General Strength

Ideal for anyone looking to get stronger, lose weight, or gain muscle mass. Our coaches are also experienced trainers and can help fitness goals at all levels. Offered online & in person. For in person send us a message: Contact

Why work with us?

Our primary goal is to allow our athletes to lift for as long as possible. Our entire ethos centres around improving our athletes inside and out of the gym. Our coaching is designed to optimize your training; keeping you healthy, getting you stronger and developing your knowledge of strength & powerlifting training.


Programs are personalized for each athlete, targeting specific weaknesses and goals. With built in subjective monitoring and autoregulation.


Daily, weekly and monthly feedback to ensure you are always progressing. We focus on goal setting, form consultation and program adjustments.


We care about long term growth, we use data collection and analytics to adjust programs. Our coaching is designed to make you the best version of yourself.


We offer a variety of different packages to empower athletes of all levels to progress. Below is the pricing for our standard packages. If you require a bespoke package please enquire here)

Custom Program Design
  • 4 / 8 / 12Weeks

  • AutomatedProgression

  • BlockCheckins

  • CompletelyCustom

General Fitness & Sports
  • MonthlySubscription

  • VirtualConsultations

  • TechniqueReview

  • CompletelyCustom

Powerlifting Coaching
  • UnlimitedCheckins

  • Meet DayCoaching

  • CompetitionPrep

  • CompletelyCustom


Team 1RM

1RM was started in 2016 as a means of bringing empowerment, efficacy and support to the powerlifting industry. Our goal is to undermine the pervasive "bro science" and cookie cutter programs. We focus on innovating in our templates and approaching powerlifting with professionalism and consistency.
We work hard so our athletes can succeed on and off the platform. But, our team is more than just about coaching, we want all our clients to understand the components of powerlifting success, from technique adjustments to attempt selection we have got your back. Take your performance to the next level with team 1RM.

Head Coach
Alex Goodwin
Head Coach

5 Years of high level competitive experience, 4 years of coaching experience. Chasing a 2K total & national championship.

Danyelle Ulloa
Coach/Personal Trainer

2 Years of competition experience, 2 years of personal training experience. Chasing a 1K total in 2020.

Keith Valeros

5 Years of competion experience, 3 years of coaching experience. Kinesology major and assistant S&C coach


Contact us

Send us a message if you are interested in any of our coaching or program services. We usually reply within 24 hours. (Please leave a valid email so we can contact you.)

  • St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A